Cooke Speed Panchro Set

$999.00 / day
$2,997.00 / week


Special Insurance Requirement
These lenses produce A classic soft look of the 1930's and 1940's American cinema. A quality very much akin to the Paramount Pictures films of the studio system. Very flattering to flesh tones and known for extreme forgiveness in highlights. Cam driven focus system and chassis style lens housing allow matte boxes and other accessories to be attached to the front of the lens without affecting focus movements. The benefit of zero backlash and image shift give accurate dual focus scales that repeat on direction change with the cam drive system giving a wide spread of markings through the scale.

  • Focal Length: 25MM, 28MM, 32MM, 35MM, 40MM, 50MM, 75MM
  • Photometric Aperture: T2.6
  • Minimum Object Distance: 8″
  • Front Diameter: 110mm
  • Weight: 1-1.5lbs